uDroppy for Advertisers & Direct Advertisers

Test products and get winners fast, manage COD and scale offers with your super affiliates without worrying about operations.

Advertisers love working with us because of our convenience and reliability, as well as our ability to help them scale in GEOs they haven't ever heard about before.

What can we do for you?

We can help you…

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We can take your business to the next level, lowering your costs, increasing the number of GEOs you are active in and providing you best in class service to manage and run your operations

How can we do it

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Use our team to source new products

Our team can source new products you can test in your affiliate funnels. Just immagine uDroppy as a huge mall.

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Customization to gain competitive advantage

We can customize your product in order to provide you that unique competitive advantage that will grow you CR.

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Cash on Delivery (COD) solution to increase CR

The only way to sell products in certain countries is to accept COD as a payment method. We can provide it hassle free.

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Leverage our wide logistics network

Our network allows you to get access international logistics solutions. This will help you enter even remote GEOs.

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Get Assigned An Account Manager To Help You

Our Merchant Success Managers are highly trained people ready to help you grow your business on a daily basis. Leverage our expertise.

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Hyper-Fast Tracked Shipping

Automatically updated tracking codes. Happy customers are returning customers.

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Virtual Warehouse

Keep stocks in different warehouses across the world, shipping within a couple of days to end customers, managing all via our dashboard.

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1-Click Order Management & Fulfill

Manage and fulfill all your orders with just 1 click and a few seconds. Edit orders if needed or if customers ask for it using our Dashboard.

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Use Dropshipping affiliate funnels to test

Our top advertisers use Dropshipping to test products, once they find the winning ones they scale the offer ordering bulks.

We take advertisers to the next level by simplifying their operations and helping them scaling their business globally.

Top advertisers know they make money every time affiliates generate sales, and not managing the operations on an hourly basis. We help those top advertising by letting them focus on what drives money into their bank account, recruiting new affiliates, optimizing the funnels and closing better deals with affiliate networks.

Interested in our Advertisers solutions? Schedule a call with our team.