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What is COD and how cash on delivery can help you

What is COD and How It Can Help You

When you run an online store you must make sure that the payment process is as easy and effective as possible.
This is why uDroppy introduced a brand new payment method: the cash on delivery.

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Branded freebies

Branded Freebies: How uDroppy Can Help You

uDroppy is the integrated e-commerce platform that will source quality products from China for you. We will take care of the entire process, from beginning to end. In this article we will tell you how we can help you find good quality freebies for your business.

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How you can source products from China

How You Can Source Products From China Easily

uDroppy is the fully integrated e-commerce platform created to help digital entrepreneurs like you. To do this we manage all the complex processes of your business. Today, I will explain you how you can source quality products from China, saving money and time.

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