We are uDroppy

We are an international team passionate about changing the status quo of the e-commerce industry.  We are proud to work in a young, creative and engaging environment where everyone is encouraged to learn, contribute and grow.

Our Mission

The mission of uDroppy is to make e-commerce accessible and easy for everyone, everywhere. We do that by delivering one single platform that automates all the activities from sourcing to fulfilment. Everyday we establish partnerships with the best service providers and suppliers in the industry, so to guarantee the best possible service to all our users.

uDroppy is built around four key values: Diversity, Trust, Simplicity and Innovation. These are not just catchy tag lines, they drive everything we do, inside and out of the company. 


At uDroppy we believe that diversity drives creativity and innovation. Our multi-national team gives us the chance to discover new cultures and ways of thinking. This is how we come up with unconventional solutions to the most complex problems.

We deal with customers from all around the globe, with different cultural and religious backgrounds. Thus openness, respect and acceptance are always at the heart of everything we do.


We are always looking for people, not skills. We do believe that attitude, passion and dedication are fundamental skills to be successful in helping our customers. Furthermore, we make sure every uDropper is getting the latest industry training, in order to stay on top of their game, regardless of their occupation.

We work differently. Everything we do is because we strongly believe in challenging the current status quo. Our customers' feedbacks help us to create a better platform, everyday. We work with the latest technologies available, so to give our customers the best experience.


It’s in the true uDroppers spirit to always speak frankly and keep the communication as simple as possible. Truly groundbreaking ideas are simple, and the ability to get to the core of a complex issue is something we value in everyone who works with us.

Everything we do and build within our company is because we want to bring back the simplicity of dropshipping into your hands. In fact, thanks to our 3-clicks navigation system you can always do what you have to do in the most simple way.


At uDroppy, it is crucial for us to always work together as one. The e-com managers are the voice of the company, the designers and developers are the look of the company. Everybody in the team is aligned with uDroppy's vision in everything they say, build, code and draw.

Building trust with our customers, employees and partners is the most important part. Through transparency and performance we earn the trust of our stakeholders. We are trusted advisors, and we deliver the most reliable dropshipping platform in the industry. 

Our users love uDroppy

*and we have the data to back it up

Users Inclined to Recommend uDroppy0%
81 %
Orders Shipped in 15 Days or Less0%
85 %
Orders Delivered Without Issues0%
98 %

*based on the April 2019 and May 2019 data

Diversity is at the core of everything we do: working with people from all over the world and having a real multi-national team makes uDroppy a truly international company.

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