COVID-19 Updates

Hey uDroppers! In this page we will give you updates about COVID-19.

Update on Shipping Times


Finally, after the hard impact on logistics that we suffered during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we can finally make public some of our last month’s results that testify how the situation with international shipping is finally back to normal.

Here are some groups of tracking numbers from our suppliers SMART SQUIRREL and INVINCIBLE WOMBAT.

tracking code shipping update 1
tracking code shipping update 2

Update on Shipping Prices


We are pleased to inform you that as a result of the general price adjustment for the Transportation and Logistics market, we are now able to provide lower prices for our shipping services.

The updated shipping fees have already gone live on the uDroppy Platform so, starting from now, you’ll be able to dropship at a lower price.

Check the following table for some examples:

variation on shipping prices - table

Just because we cannot shake hands doesn’t mean we cannot lend one.

Given the developing situation around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we want to reassure you of our dedication to supporting you with the highest quality of service. Our entire team around the world is working non-stop in order to route every single order to your final customers, using the fastest solution possible.

With that being said, it’s important that both you, and your customers understand we are living in exceptional times where carriers like DHL stopped their China export operations for a few weeks, and where local Post Services just can’t handle the volume since they are working at reduced staff.

Depending on the countries, even companies like Amazon can’t handle shipping within 40 days (Spain, Germany, France and Italy are experiencing long waiting times because local Post Services are not working at their fullest) while in other countries/areas is not delivering at all.  

The challenges of these weeks are related to:

  • shipping costs from China to the world increased due to lack of cargo flights available;
  • local carriers not being able to manage last mile shipping (it means your customers’ orders reach the designated country, then the local carriers don’t deliver it for other 20 days because its employees are locked down home);
  • due to lack of employees at major international and local carriers, tracking numbers are not updated regularly;
  • products go out of stock because volumes increased and many factories are still closed or at limited capacity due to lack of men power.

What does this mean? What is uDroppy’s response to this?

Growing an E-Commerce business is though, we know it. And that’s exactly why we started uDroppy and why, even in challenging times we are doing our best to support you in your growth.

Even if we have limited power towards major causes like the Covid-19 outbreak and their consequences on carriers and we can’t guarantee the usual fast shipping times or any refund related to delays in this moment, we have the know-how, the strength and the willingness to go the extra mile while others don’t. 

Our team is at your complete disposal through the E-Com Manager and Support chat in order to help you develop an efficient strategy to tackle these challenging times. 

We are grateful to you, our customers and partners, for supporting each other. Don’t worry, the entire business world is under a shit-storm, but with uDroppy you still have an umbrella 😉.

How to handle your customers?

The best way to handle your more exuberant customers, what we recommend you is:

  • Explain them the situation and be nice. They are worried about the Covid-19 as all of us are, they just need some human kindness to cool down;
  • Don’t overpromise to sell more. While it’s cool to see growing Shopify stats, it’s not cool to overpromise people and break their trust;
  • State clearly that, for the same reason they can’t go out, shipping might be a bit-delayed. State this both on your store and on your after purchase thank you email;
  • Educate your customers and be proactive.

Next Steps

We expect that shipping prices and times should come back to normal standards within one month.

If you have any question or if you need help in setting up the best strategy to win over this challenges please don’t hesitate to contact your E-Com Manager.

Carlo Bellati
CEO of uDroppy

PS: the best way to manage the situation tho, is to leverage the Virtual Warehouse and Cash on Delivery features uDroppy offers. These two features allow you to import to our warehouses in Europe and Asia a stock of products (Private Label Available). This strategy allows our biggest clients to ship much faster and to lower unit prices up to 60%.