EPS-TOPIK Result of 1st Round July 2024 – Korean Language Results

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EPS-TOPIK Result of 1st Round 2024
EPS-TOPIK Result of 1st Round

The recent release of the outcomes, from the phase of the Employment Permit System. The test of skill in Korean (EPS TOPIK) for 2024 has been made public. EPS TOPIK serves as a gateway for laborers to secure job opportunities in South Korea in sectors like manufacturing, construction and agriculture.

Significance of EPS TOPIK

EPS TOPIK holds importance for workers as it ensures their ability to effectively communicate within the workplace. By bridging language gaps between employers and foreign staff this test fosters improved work relationships and enhances comprehension of safety protocols.

First Round Overview

this year the first round of EPS TOPIK for 2024 was conducted with a number of eager participants from various countries. The tests widespread administration aimed to reach an audience seeking employment opportunities in South Korea.

EPS-TOPIK Korean Language Results Announcement 2024

HRD Korea officially unveiled the outcomes from the phase of EPS TOPIK 2024, on June 17 2024. Numerous applicants eagerly anticipated their scores, which were promptly made available on the EPS TOPIK website.
Applicants can view their scores by inputting their registration number and date of birth. Instructions, for Checking Results;

  • Go to the EPS TOPIK website.
  • Select the ‘EPS TOPIK Result of 1st Round 2024’ link.
  • Input your registration number.
  • Provide your date of birth.
  • Click on the ‘Submit’ button to see your score.

Check the Result Click Here

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