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It's time to get started!

Partnering with uDroppy is easy and really profitable. Those entrepreneurs who work with us are able to focus the majority of their time on what is their core business, letting us manage all the operations. Scroll down and discover our tutorial on how to connect your store, add products and fulfill your orders.

uDroppy complete guide

Want to start using our Platform but still don’t know how to perform certain steps? Here’s the complete guide!

You can either read step by step the Getting Started section below, or follow our video tutorials on Youtube .

Platform Registration

The first thing to do is create your profile.
In order to do it you have to click on the “Free Sign Up” button that you find on every page of our website, in the top right. 

By clicking on it, you will reach the registration page. There, you will have to insert your name and surname, Skype adress, an e-mail address and then set your own password. You will also be asked to choose favorite language. 

Now accept the Terms and Conditions and then click the button Create An Account.
Our system will proceed to the creation of the account.

getting started_1_sign up

First Access

To access to uDroppy platform log in with your email and your password.

You’ll be automatically assigned to the free Startup version of the platform, but in order to really scale your business like a PRO we offer three other subscription plans, which guarantee you extra amazing features. You can head over  to the Pricing page to find the plan that best fits your need, depending on where you are in your e-commerce journey. There you will find all the details about the different plans.

The first thing you see is the Dashboard. Here you can have a quick overview of your business. 

At first, the dashboard will be unavailable. Our mascot, Droppy, will suggest you to connect your store right away.

getting started_2_first access

The Dashboard

Once you set up your store, pushed products and started selling, you will have a living dashboard. You will be able to see sold products and pending orders (the ones you still have to fulfill). Moreover, you will see the amount of sales, the gross margin and much more.

getting started_3_dashboard

Connecting Your Store

The first thing you have to do in your new uDroppy profile, is to connect your store or stores if you have more than one.

Click on the “Connect your store” button you see in your dashboard. In case you want to add further stores afterwards, you will have to go to the left menu and click “Store Management”. You can additionally set a name for your shop and a label. This will help you manage multiple domains in case you have more than one store. 

Once you are ready, click on “Connect”.

A Shopify page will open up asking you to accept the installation of uDroppy app. Once clicked “Install unlisted app” button you will go back to uDroppy and see the store in “My Store” section.

Depending on the subscription plan you choose, you’ll be able to connect a different number of Shopify stores to your uDroppy account. It’s 1 for Startup and Traction plan, 5 for the Pro and 10 for the Platinum.

You can add, delete and manage them any moment by going to the “Store Management” section.

getting started_4_store management

Pushing Products to Your Store

Once you connected your Shopify store to uDroppy, you can start importing our products.

From the left menu on the platform, choose “Products” and then “Products Catalogue”. You will see a grid view of our products that you can filter according to name, price or category.

getting started_5_product catalog

If you want more information about a specific product click on it. You will open the product page where you will find the description of the product. In addition you will see the details, the variants (if the product has any) and the shipping costs.

getting started_6_product detail

Once you are sure about the product, click on the “Push Selection to Store” button. When the product has more than one variant, you can also choose which kind of variants you want to import.

Before confirming the import of the product you can also change the product price and select the shipping option you prefer. 

getting started_7_push variants

If you can’t find a product among our already extensive catalogue, you can send a request to our sourcing team; to do this, go to the “Request a new Product” section on our platform and fill out the form!
Please, specify any particularities about the product you are looking for, your target price and target quality. This way, we can find the right manufacturer to supply the product.

Please notice that the number of products you can request is related to which type of user you are: 8 product request monthly with traction, 20/month with Pro, 35/month with Platinum. The product request feature is not available for Startup users.

getting started_8_request a product

After pushing products to your Shopify store, you will need to go to Shopify All Products section. There you will select the product or products you imported to change the description according to your audience preferences. Remember that you don’t have to change variants or add new variants in your Shopify store. Otherwise, the SKU code will change and our platform won’t be able to recognize the order.

If you need more variants of a product or you want to create bundles, reach out to your Merchant Success Manager who will help you. If you don’t have one, reach out to our support-team.

Setting Your Invoice Addresses

On our platform you can set all the billing information you want.

First, you have to log into the platform. From the dashboard, select the arrow near your name, and click “Profile”. From this section you can always change your personal information anytime you need. You can create new invoice addresses too.

To do this, click “add new invoice information”. Fill the form with your legal name, label, VAT and address. You can also set this billing info as default for one of your stores to get the right invoices when fulfilling orders.

getting started_9_invoice info

Fulfilling Orders

After connecting your store and pushing our products, every time you will receive an order, we will receive it too.

If you use some external applications (e.g. Zipify or Clickfunnel) to receive payments, be sure to communicate it to your e-com manager. In this way, our team will be able to make your orders visible on our platform too.

To fulfill your orders log into the platform and select the “see more” button on the Pending order tab of the dashboard. You can also select the “Order” section and then “Orders to Pay”.

Here, you will see the list of your pending orders, including related information (e.g. order number, customer, store, product, date and total). You can select all the orders you want to pay, even if from different stores, and fulfil them with only one payment.

If you want to pay all the orders together, just select them all and then click “Pay all orders”. You can pay with PayPal, Stripes and with uDroppy Virtual Funds.

The date that you make this payment is considered the fulfilment date; we will begin processing the orders from this point on.

getting started_10_orders to pay

uDroppy Virtual Funds

The uDroppy Virtual Funds are virtual tokens that you can buy on your profile. They make payment quicker, safer and more efficient. Let’s see together how you can buy your uDroppy Funds. First, log into the platform and select the “uDroppy Funds” section.

getting started_11_virtual funds

Second, click on the green plus button.

Choose the amount of tokens you want to buy (one virtual token correspond to one dollar) and then select how to pay. You can either choose PayPal or Stripe.

Buying uDroppy Funds is convenient. It makes the payment process quicker and it helps you save some money because of the payment fees of your payment gateways. Furthermore it’s safer if you work while travelling. In fact, you won’t have to insert any personal data while using foreign networks.

Invoicing & Tracking Numbers

After the fulfillment of one or more orders, you will receive an invoice for your payment. You can check all the invoices in the dedicated section of the menu.

By clicking on one of the invoices you will also be able to open the detail. 

getting started_12_invoice

You will also be able to check tracking number of the shipped orders. 

All you have to do is going to the “Order History” section. It’s a subsection of the “Orders” menu.

Once there, open the details of the order that you need by clicking on the arrow. The platform will show you the tracking number related to that order. The code will be shared with Shopify first and then with your client.

Please consider that you will be able to track the shipping only when your order leaves our logistic center. To check the progress of the shipping process you can use the platform 17track. 

Virtual Warehouse & COD

Here some of our most recent features.

First of all on the left menu you find “Virtual Warehouse”. The Virtual Warehouse allows you to buy a stock of products to lower the unit costs and get access to white labeling (min. 500 pcs for products and 1000 pcs for packaging). We will then store the products in our logistic centres so that you don’t have to rent a warehouse. Moreover we will also take care of shipping to your final customers, so that you don’t have to deal with logistic aspects by yourself.

The Virtual Warehouse feature is not available in the free startup version of the platform.

getting started_13_virtual warehouse

If you have your own warehouse and you prefer to ship products directly to shorten the delivery times, you can buy in Bulk. You find the section in the left menu  of the platform.

Bulk is perfect if you want to lower the unit costs and do white labeling (here again, minimum 500 pcs for products and 1000 pcs for packaging). 

Moreover, we also support Cash on Delivery thanks to our top-notch logistic partner. The COD service is available in these select countries: Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Visit the COD section in the platform, and contact our team for more info.

This feature is only available to Pro and Platinum users.


In order to check your Profile information, you first have to log into the platform. From the dashboard, select the arrow near your name, in the top right corner of the platform page, and click “Profile”.

There, you’ll find all the information related to your Profile and your Subscription.

If instead you want to know more about the difference between plans, their related features available and prices, go to the section “Subscription Plans”.

Additional features

Finally we have a Resource section in the menu where you will be able to find further information to work with uDroppy at best. 

The Resource section includes: 

  • F.A.Q. where you can find all the answers to your questions;
  • Tools, or the software and platforms you can use to improve your business results; 
  • Tutorials, the section where you find step-by-step guides to use the uDroppy platform;
  • Blog Articles, where you can find new insights about e-commerce and digital marketing. 
getting started_18_blog

* Please note that the data showed in this guide are created randomly for an exclusive illustrative purpose.

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