House of the Dragon recap – Aegon is furious when Rhaenyra learns about Daemon’s treachery

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house of dragon recap
house of dragon recap

House of the Dragon recap – Aegon is furious when Rhaenyra learns about Daemon’s treachery is today our topic so read it carefully and enjoy it. Chaos erupts in the Red Keep as a maid hurries bleeding bed sheets from Prince Jaehaerys’ nursery. Tom Glynn-Carney’s character Aegon cries, “I’ll murder them! “I’ll kill them all,” he exclaims, demolishing the King’s Landing model that his father, Viserys, spent many hours constructing. Whether he is grieving for the youngster or not, he is aware that the devastating attack on his home exposes his royal frailty. “Villains and traitors! They’re going to hit me! I hold the title of King! It’s wartime! He yells, “I declare war!” while his attendants attempt to soothe him.

Aegon is furious when his brother Aemond (Ewan Mitchell) discovers evidence in his room suggesting that he was the intended victim of the assassin. It is unknown if he shares that knowledge with anybody else in the Red Keep, but even if he did, Otto (Rhys Ifans) quickly concludes that the Greens should take advantage of the horrific act by accusing Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) of the crime.

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House of the Dragon recap – Aegon is furious

Even though Aegon was intoxicated in the throne room when the assassins went right by him, he is outraged enough to summon a meeting of the Small Council and demand to know where everyone was while the assassins were threatening their monarch. While he was undoubtedly meeting Alicent’s need at the time, Criston “the Worst” Cole (Fabien Frankel) receives a particularly brutal dragging for his absence from the royal family’s hour of need. Aegon is about to start on his guilty-feeling mother when Larys (Matthew Needham) interrupts. He informs the king that they have discovered an assassin attempting to flee King’s Landing while carrying Little Jaehaerys’ skull in a bag. Otto wants to know who gave the order to kill the guy, while Aegon wants his blood.

“Jaehaerys will do more for us now than a thousand knights in battle,” Otto tells the king. The realm will stand with them since the offence is so heinous. For the villagers to understand the consequences of Rhaenyra’s betrayal, he suggests that they arrange a funeral procession fit for a Targaryen for the young prince. Because “the realm must see the sorrow of the crown, a sorrow best expressed through its most gentle souls,” Alicent and Helaena (Phia Saban) will trail after the body.

Uneasy about assigning blame on Rhaenyra without reason, Alicent grudgingly accepts her father’s proposal and has to persuade the frail Helaena that they must show their sorrow in public since “a blow to the king is a blow to the realm.” For the little folk, who reject Rhaenyra and submit to their grieving queen, the procession goes just as planned; however, for the terrified Helaena, it is a nightmare come true. Aegon doesn’t offer her any consolation; instead, he simply walks by her later.

Aegon has just returned from killing Blood, a.k.a. Sam C. Wilson, who freely admits that Daemon Targaryen ordered them to carry out the heinous act. Aegon has all of the assassins, including Cheese (Mark Stobbart), hung in front of their sobbing wives and mothers after learning that the other assassin was a ratcatcher working for the family. That nicewill he had just had with the tiny people is gone.

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Cheese and Blood talk! The graphic scene from House of the Dragon season 2 (exclusive)

Criston the Worst, meantime, has been struggling with his inability to shield the king’s heir and transfers his own guilt onto everyone else, including his Kingsguard and Rhaenyra. He lets loose his rage after witnessing Jaehaerys’ bloodied bed being hauled out of the nursery, and he provokes Ser Arryk Cargyll (Luke Tittensor) into going to Dragonstone. Arryk may assassinate Rhaenyra and put an end to this battle by taking on the identity of his identical twin Ser Erryk (Elliot Tittensor). Though Erryk escaped to Rhaenyra’s side with her father’s crown, Arryk feels compelled to protect his family’s honour, even though he knows this is a suicide run.

Otto crashes into the Red Keep’s ceiling upon learning of the ratcatchers’ deaths and Ser Arryk’s prank. He screams at Aegon for discarding the acceptance he purchased with the blood of his kid. The hectoring tactics of his grandpa had very much worn Aegon out. “I want to spill blood instead of ink!”

Otto calls upon the much-missed sagacity and patience of Viserys, Aegon’s father. Otto growls back, “Is that what you think?” in response to Aegon pointing him that his father made him king. Aegon deprives Otto of his position and appoints Criston Hand of the King in Otto’s place for his audacity.

Alicent finds Aegon sobbing over his father’s ring after learning what Aegon has done and that Otto is going to see if Daeron, his third son (who is still alive!), has any more common sense than his siblings. However, Aegon turns away before Alicent can console him. She discovers Criston in her quarters and smacks him many times until they give in to frenzied, even though she and Criston had been attempting to resist one other out of guilt. Even though it is obvious that Alicent is acting out of passion, holding the new Hand of the King in her thrall may be the greatest strategy for maintaining power over Aegon.

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Notes from the Archmaester

  • This week, we meet Addam of Hull (Clinton Liberty), the brother of Alyn of Hull, who we met in the last episode. Addam has a vision of Laenor Velaryon’s ancient dragon, Seasmoke, that he believes is prophetic.
  • Although it is evident that the Hulls are linked to Corlys, it is still unknown if they are his biological child or another member of House Velaryon.
  • This week, Otto brought up the long-ago character Daeron Targaryen. However, since his casting is still unknown, we might not see him until season 3.
  • A trip to a brothel is a must for each Game of Thrones episode, and this week we learned that Aemond had formed a bond with the elder prostitute who helped him find his brother the previous season. She tells him that when princes misbehave, it’s the common people who suffer, and he confesses to her that he feels horrible about Luke’s passing.
  • Given that book readers are aware of Aegon III’s significance to Targaryen history, Rhaenyra’s gift of a dragon to play with was a lovely touch of symbolism.

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House of the Dragon season 2 comes with a new opening title sequence

Mysaria witnesses Ser Arryk Cargill arriving by boat as she leaves Dragonstone. She has just departed from Ser Erryk’s employ and knows what is going to occur. As Ser Arryk breaks into Rhaenyra’s room, she is unable to sleep due to her already terrible, awful, extremely dreadful day. She gets out of bed quickly since she’s awake, just as Ser Erryk enters the room to confront his brother after appearing to be informed by Mysaria. It is difficult to distinguish between the two Cargylls while they are fighting back and forth. In an attempt to protect Rhaenyra from danger, another Queensquard member shows there, but when Erryk murders Arryk, he kills himself with his sword out of desperation at having slain his twin.

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Rhaenyra’s horror reveals a betrayal close to home – House of the Dragon recap

Rhaenyra is visibly appalled that she is being held responsible for Jaehaerys’ death back at Dragonstone. Before Rhaenys (Eve Best) reminds them to behave themselves, her council expressly questions her innocence. The Great Houses won’t support a lady who is accused of slaughtering a baby in his bed, even if Rhaenyra had no involvement. That is going too far, but Westeros has seen plenty of horrible behaviour from their royal line.

Matt Smith’s character Daemon is enigmatic for the entire encounter until Rhaenyra discovers he is the murderer. They have a massive explosion in private that has been long overdue and turns into a wonderful acting showcase for D’Arcy and Smith. Daemon maintains that it is not his responsibility that the two morons he hired killed the incorrect prince, even though he has severely undermined his wife’s claim to the kingdom. It appears that Rhaenyra intends to vengefully decapitate him. She says, “I never trusted you, wholly, much though I wished to, willed myself to,” acknowledging that she can no longer trust him

As they battle, it becomes evident that Daemon still believes he should have the Iron Throne rather than her, even if he did put the crown on her head. Though Aegon is of a low standard, he feels he would have been a better king than Viserys, Rhaenyra, or him. Smith’s prior role as Prince Philip on The Crown adds an intriguing echo of his conflicts with other queens in the past. Rhaenyra knows that her husband may pretend to be the heir because the crown is up for grabs. With their mutual trust irreversibly damaged, Daemon rides out on Caraxes and departs Dragonstone for Harrenhal.

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Rhaenyra, inconsolable, watches her two little blond kids, Viserys II and Aegon III. She is very concerned for her children and troubled by what happened to Jaehaerys. To monitor King’s Landing, she forbids Jace (Harry Collett) from riding his dragon Vermax and instead sends Daemon’s daughter Baela on Moondancer. Not only are Baela and Jace too reasonable for this family, but their casual discussion of Jace’s father Laenor and his biological father Harwin Strong suggests that they may even be too good for Westeros.

Mysaria (Sonoya Mizuno), who disavows her involvement in the Blood and Cheese scheme, is brought before Rhaenyra despite Daemon’s ill-tempered departure from Dragonstone. Rhaenyra quickly learns that Mysaria was Daemon’s intended wife when he pilfered a dragon egg for his purported kid all those years ago. Notwithstanding this, Rhaenyra sees that Mysaria has been living in this hostile world thanks to her cunning, and she reluctantly gains her respect. Mysaria is freed, and she does it without realising that her kindness would ultimately save her life. This is all about House of the Dragon recap.

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