Lily Allen jokes that she fears her husband David Harbour will be kink-shamed: “Perhaps not tonight.”

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Lily Allen jokes that she fears
Lily Allen jokes that she fears

Today our topic is all about Lily Allen jokes that she fears her husband David Harbour will be kink-shamed: “Perhaps not tonight.” Lily Allen might have an album titled “No Shame,” but she’s worried that it would make her husband, David Harbour, feel uncomfortable.

In an episode of her podcast Miss Me?, she remarked, “I wonder if I kink-shame my husband because he often asks for things and I’m like, ‘No, babe, it’s not happening.”I am not saying, ‘You piece of s—, how dare you ask me to do that!'” I simply think, “Huh, headache.” I’m having a little headache, but maybe not tonight. Lily Allen jokes that she fears is not the first time she does.

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More About Lily Allen jokes that she fears her husband David Harbour

Although Lily Allen says her kids “totally ruined” her career, she still loves them. But Allen, who usually tries to be very welcoming, intended it as a joke. When it comes to her extramarital affairs with Sam Cooper, with whom she was married from 2011 to 2018, she has been rather open about them.

David and I were talking about this last night. During the breakup of my last marriage, I was quite daring and promiscuous, having intimate with female prostitutes. Excuse me, prostitutes.”

My Thoughts Exactly, Allen’s 2018 autobiography, was the first to make this revelation.”It was something I wrote about in my book,” she said. “Because I lived in a state of perpetual fear in that period, because I always felt like I was about to be ‘gotcha’ by the tabloids, so I knew that this thing existed and that I’d been behaving this way, so I thought that was going to be revealed, so I thought to take a little bit of the power back, I would reveal it myself in my book.” Lily Allen was furious with Elton John for years because he disregarded a letter she never sent.

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“I did that for two reasons,” she went on. “The first was to attempt to regain a small amount of the authority in that regard. Furthermore, I believe that many others have taken similar actions and that people feel better about themselves when they hear someone like me discuss their own experiences in a non-shameful, matter-of-fact manner. I thus want to do that all the time. I wish to use my music for that. In my opinion, the essence of art and creativity is in assisting individuals in reconciling with their conduct and socially unacceptable behaviours—after all, we’re all only human, right? This is all about Lily Allen jokes that she fears her husband David Harbour.

After beginning dating in 2019, Allen and Harbour got married in Las Vegas on September 7, 2020, with an Elvis impersonator officiating the ceremony.

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