Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students July 2024 | Best Opportunities

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Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students 2024 | Best Opportunities
Part-Time Jobs in UK for International Students 2024 | Best Opportunities

As an international student in the UK in 2024, are you looking for part-time Jobs in UK? Examine interesting opportunities that fit your schedule and expertise. International students can find fulfilling jobs to support their studies and gain valuable experience thanks to a wide range of industries and flexible work options. The UK provides an abundance of part-time job in UK opportunities catered to the interests and needs of students, ranging from retail and hospitality to tutoring and freelance work.

Getting a part-time jobs in UK can help you financially stabilize and advance your academic career. To find the most recent positions, keep an eye on job boards, career centres at universities, and networking gatherings. To make an impression on prospective employers, emphasize your distinct qualifications and global perspective. International students can maximize their time in the UK, both academically and professionally, by skillfully juggling work and study.

In 2024, international students looking for part-time work opportunities will find that the UK job market is welcoming and places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. Make the most of your linguistic abilities and cultural background to succeed in customer-facing positions or multicultural settings. For added convenience and flexibility, look into online resources and remote employment opportunities. International students can start a rewarding part-time job journey in the UK, expand their horizons, and make invaluable connections by being proactive and adaptable.

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Benefits of Working While Studying in UK:

  • Financial Independence:
    • By working part-time, students can lessen their dependency on loans or family to pay for living expenses, tuition, and other costs related to studying abroad.
  • Skill Development: 
    • Students can gain important skills like problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and time management through part-time employment, which will increase their employability after graduation.
  • Cultural Immersion: 
    • Part-time employment exposes students to workplace norms, customs, and culture, which helps them integrate into UK society and widens their perspective.
  • Networking Opportunities:
    • Students can develop professional networks, make connections with potential employers, and find career paths that fit their interests and aspirations by working in a variety of industries.
  • Enhanced CV/Resume:
    • Students who have part-time jobs in UK experience improve their CVs and resumes and become more competitive in the job market by showcasing to potential employers their initiative, work ethic, and adaptability.
  • Improved Language Skills:
    • Students who work in English-speaking environments gain confidence, communication skills, and language proficiency—all of which are beneficial in both academic and professional contexts.
  • Time Management: 
    • Students who successfully balance work and school acquire time management skills that help them prioritize tasks and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Personal Growth: 

Part-Time Jobs in UK regulations and guidelines:

It’s critical to comprehend the laws and policies governing part-time employment for foreign students with UK student visas. What you should know is as follows:

  • Limits on part-time employment: Full-time students are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during breaks from the university. However degree-seeking students are limited to 10 hours of work per week of full-time study.
  • Regulations regarding break periods: You are permitted to work up to 40 hours per week during session breaks, which gives you greater schedule flexibility. This means that you work eight hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Limitations on contract and freelance work: Contract or freelance work is prohibited for international students. If you don’t have a post-study work visa, you should work in part-time positions rather than full-time.
  • Work-study balance: Keeping work and studies in balance is crucial. Your academic performance shouldn’t be negatively impacted by your job. Make your studies a priority and make sure you’re effectively managing your part-time job in UK obligations.
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Types of Part-Time Jobs

It is crucial for international students looking for part-time work in the UK to be aware of the different kinds of opportunities that are accessible. The two main categories are broken down as follows:

On-Campus Jobs:

  • Jobs on campus are located on university property, which is convenient for students.
    Opportunities are available in the library, computer labs, cafeteria, reception, and gym, among other university departments.
    Because of their proximity and flexible scheduling, these positions are in high demand, but they might not be available all the time.

Off-Campus Jobs:

  • Jobs off campus offer more options, but they might need travelling.
    Office assistance, receptionist, waiter/waitress, call centre, and data entry jobs are among the roles available.
    For students to work part-time jobs off campus, their universities usually require permission.

Part-Time Online Jobs:

  • Students can work from anywhere with an internet connection in an online part-time job in UK that offers flexibility and convenience.
    Opportunities include jobs as a virtual assistant, content writer, graphic designer, freelancer, and remote customer service.
    Online employment can supplement a demanding course load and offer beneficial work experience.

To supplement their education and broaden their skill set while studying in the UK, international students can investigate a variety of part-time job opportunities through both on-campus and off-campus options as well as online opportunities.

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Best Part-Time Jobs in UK & Their Average Pay:

  1. Retail: £10.92 per hour
  2. Delivery Boy: £12.82 per hour
  3. Cashier: £11.67 per hour
  4. Library Assistant: £11.51 per hour
  5. Clerk: £11.51 per hour
  6. Marketing: £17.95 per hour
  7. Waiters/Waitresses: £12.05 per hour
  8. Education: £7.49 per hour
  9. Customer Service: £11.44 per hour
  10. Administration: £11.57 per hour
  11. HGV Class 1 Driver: £1300 per month (Note: This appears to be a monthly salary, not hourly)
  12. Female Care Assistant: £12.02 per hour
  13. Registered Nurse: £23.40 per hour
  14. Health Services: £12.65 per hour
  15. Housekeeper: £15.53 per hour
  16. Children Contact Supervisor: £12.00 per hour

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How to Find Part-Time Jobs in UK?

There are several ways that international students can find part-time jobs in UK. This is a how-to guide for locating these opportunities:

  • University Career Services:
    • In the UK, the majority of universities have specialized career services that help students locate internships, work placements, and part-time jobs. For information on workshops, career fairs, and job listings, visit the website or career centre at your university.
  • Online Job Portals:
    • Make use of websites and online job portals created especially for UK job seekers looking for part-time work. Sites like Indeed, Reed, TotalJobs, and StudentJob are well-known. To locate opportunities that fit your needs, narrow down your search by industry, job type, and location.
  • University Job Boards:
    • A lot of universities operate their own online job boards or job boards where nearby companies and employers advertise part-time positions that are specifically aimed at students. For job postings, check the campus bulletin boards or the website of your university.
  • Networking:
    • One useful strategy for locating part-time work is networking. Make connections with educators, professionals in your field of interest, alumni, and other students. Participate in industry meet-ups, seminars, and networking events to grow your network and get leads for potential employment.
  • Local Businesses:
    • To find out about part-time job opportunities, stop by the local stores, eateries, cafés, and bars in your university town or city centre. Bring in your resume or CV and indicate that you are interested in a part-time position.
  • Recruitment Agencies:
    • Take into account signing up with agencies that focus on matching young professionals and students with part-time or temporary positions. These organizations can assist in matching your preferences and skill set with appropriate job openings.
  • Internet Freelancing Platforms:
    • To locate remote freelancing jobs in a variety of industries, including writing, graphic design, programming, and digital marketing, check out websites like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.
  • Social media:
    • To stay informed about part-time job opportunities, networking events, and industry news, follow hashtags and groups related to jobs on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Events and Job Fairs:
    • Participate in recruitment events, career fairs, and university, company, and employment agency-organized job fairs in your community. Attending these events offers the chance to network with potential employers, send in resumes, and take part in in-person interviews.
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