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uDroppy is an e-commerce platform that helps you automate all the processes and operations of an e-commerce business, from product sourcing to order fulfillment and management, to invoicing and more.

uDroppy is not a platform designed to create online stores, like Shopify. To use uDroppy services you will have to create a store first, then create a free uDroppy account on our platform, and then connect your store to our platform to push our products and sell them.

Most of our clients are using Shopify, which is currently the most popular and the easiest way to set up your internet store in a few hours. uDroppy integrates directly with Shopify, so as soon as you have your store set up, it is just a matter of choosing products you like.

E-Com Managers are highly trained professionals with all the skills necessary to support your business’ growth thanks to consulting, recommendation and tailored solutions for you.

When you sell our products you can choose among two different shipping services: the DHL Premium and the Standard Shipping. They both require around 9-15 days for shipping, but the DHL Premium has a better customer service to satisfy both you and your clients in case of needs. 

Thanks to our consistent logistic network we can ship worldwide, in every country of the world, with very fast delivery times (around 7-15 days, according to the country and the shipping serviced selected), as well as providing you with tracking numbers, allowing you to scale your business thanks to a global network of clients, and improving customer satisfaction.

First things first, you have to create a store, you can use Shopify or other CMS. Once you have your own store, ready to start, then you create an account on uDroppy (https://get.udroppy.com/register) and connect Shopify, so that you can the push the products on our lists on your store.

If you need more information you can watch our Tutorials (https://bit.ly/349xaTq)

If you have a custom store, you can also work with us. We are able to fulfill your orders manually. However, we recommend the automation of orders through Shopify since it is more efficient, fast and secure.

If you sell your products on Amazon using Amazon FBA you can definitely work with uDroppy. All you have to do is to order products from our list in bulk and we will take care of the shipping to the Amazon warehouse you are using. Just create an account on the platform and contact us with your request.

At the moment digital entrepreneurs can pay their orders through Paypal and Stripe, or using uDroppy virtual funds (virtual credits you buy and keep on your uDroppy account to pay your future orders).
We can also support you with Cash On Delivery thanks to our top-notch logistic partner.

If you are experiencing any problems with the platform you can text us via the Contact Us form on our website or through our internal chat.

As a fully integrated e-commerce platform we have a product catalogue from which digital entrepreneurs who partner with us can choose from. Every product you see on our list comes from one of the thousands of factories we work with. 

In order to see the product list you have to create a uDroppy account, which is totally free and will take you just a few minutes by clicking here.

At the moment we can support our clients just in the following languages: English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese, Hindi, Belarusian, Ukrainian.

At the moment selling one’s own products is not possible with uDroppy. You can, however, sell white label products through us. We can put your logo on products – both items in our list and the ones you can directly request from your E-Com manager – if you buy more than 500 pieces. In this case we can also put your logo on the packaging (1000 minimum order for packaging).
We can also ship your products via Cash On Delivery even if you don’t work with our products. Reach out to your e-com manager to get more information.

Shipping costs vary according to the country of shipping and to the weight of the product. This is why, to be sure of giving you the proper answer, we suggest you to create your uDroppy account (which is totally free) going to https://get.udroppy.com/register, find the product or products you are interested in and just look in the shipping cost menu, inserting the country you want to ship to.

Shipping costs vary according to the country of shipping and to the weight of the product. This is why, to be sure of giving you the proper answer, we suggest you to create your uDroppy account (which is totally free) going to https://get.udroppy.com/register, find the product or products you are interested in and just look in the shipping cost menu, inserting the country you want to ship to.

uDroppy is the e-commerce platform where digital entrepreneurs can find products to push into their stores without taking products from Aliexpress. We have our own factories (more than 200) that provide us with all the products you can find within the platform. Furthermore, we take care of the quality control, shipping and fulfillment, all within one browser tab!
If you want to know more read our article.

Aliexpress is not a full e-commerce platform and does not include product sourcing, fast shipping and customer service.
We take care of the logistics of your orders providing you with the personal support from an E-commerce Manager that will help you create and scale your business, solving your issues.
Thanks to our efficient logistic center and direct contact with more than 200 factories, we can ship all over the world providing you with tracking number and shipping the products to your clients in 7-15 days.
Want to know more? Read our article.

Since in uDroppy finding always the best products in terms of both quality and convenience is a priority, the process of product sourcing can take from 5 to 9 days. This is how we are able to find quality products at the most convenient price for your business.

If you want to switch the product to work with uDroppy you will have to follow a simple procedure.
We give you all the details in our article here.

Some products don’t have DHL Premium Shipping services because they don’t meet all the necessary requirements to access to this options.
Possible reasons are: presence of liquids, magnets, batteries or non-conformity in terms of dimension.

If you want to do COD with uDroppy all you need to do is to place a bulk order, with no minimum quantity, and then have it send to our logistic centres in Europe (Italy, Spain or Romania). You will have to sign a contract with our logistic partner that will take care of shipping and delivery to your final customers. After that you will receive the payments of the delivered orders once a week.

We remember you that we can do COD in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Romania. Read more on our article.

With the Bulk service you will buy a higher amount of products to get lower unit costs or to get white labelling (meaning customization of products with your logo and brand) and we will ship them directly to your warehouse so that you can then deal with final shipping to customers by your own.

The Virtual Warehouse, is a service that allows you to buy products in bulk to save money on unit costs, but without needing a warehouse to rent. In fact, with the Virtual Warehouse you can stock the products in our own warehouses and we will then deal with final shipping to your customers.

If you want to customize your product you will have to first as for a quotation for a specific product. In your quotation you should give specific details about your logo (size and placement) and the packaging type (if you are interested in packaging customization).

Remember that if you want to access to white labelling you will have to order a minimum of 500 pieces for products and a minimum of 1000 pieces for packaging.

Our product are more expensive than our competitors’ because quality is a fundamental requirement when we source products.

The shipping prices at uDroppy are higher because they includes fast shipping, quality check over products, great customer service and daily check of tracking numbers.

Here at uDroppy not only we focus on quality, responsiveness and tailored solutions, but we also offer you a huge set of services that are designed to help you start and grow your business, going from zero to hero with one unique reliable partner able to save you time and money.

If you want to work with uDroppy managing a store through WooCommerce, we have the solution for you. Even if we don’t have an integration yet, we have what you need to work together. Read our article to get all the details.

uDroppy charges a small percentage included in the catalog price of our products, in order to keep our operations running. Our profit is, therefore, directly connected to the sales of our partner stores, this motivates our e-com manager to give their best, helping you to scale your business and finding the best solutions to your problems.

As an affiliate marketer you can use uDroppy to raise your revenues and to stand out from other affiliate marketers. In fact, you can choose uDroppy products, add them to your Shopify account (you can create a Shopify account without creating a Shopify store, but just using the order management service). Once the products are on Shopify you can create your landing pages both via landing applications (e.g. Zipify, etc.) or thanks to the Shopify Buy Button, which can be inserted in the landing pages so that when people buy the product the order is immediately received by shopify and then by uDroppy.

As an affiliate network you can use uDroppy to improve your revenues. 

You can follow two strategies to do that: 

  1. buy uDroppy products in bulk and then sell them, essentially becoming an advertiser; 
  2. use uDroppy products in dropshipping to create unique offers that assure you more freedom because you can choose the price, the product and the marketing strategy to follow.