The Fix to Your Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Facebook Ad Account Disabled? Here the fix

Your Facebook account has been disabled? 

Here at uDroppy we know how hard this time can be for you. You are counting on your Facebook ads to get new clients and promote both your products and brand. Yet, you don’t have to despair because we can help you understand, fix and avoid this problem. 

In this article we will go through the reasons why your account has been blocked. We will also tell you how to fix the problem and we will give you some useful tips to avoid the disablement in the future. 


Disabled Facebook account vs. ad set

When we talk about Facebook account disablement we can have two different scenarios.

In one of them Facebook disapproves your ad due to a violation. This means that you still have your Facebook ad account active, but that you don’t have your ad running. In the second case Facebook disables your account due to repeated violations. Or because your account received negative feedback.  

In both cases you will see your ads paused or stopped, regardless of their performance. This can also means that you won’t be able to analyze their historic data. 

Moreover, having a blocked account means that you can’t add new ads or new payment methods. 

Long story short, having a Facebook account disabled means troubles. 

Why Facebook disabled your ad account?

It’s never easy to understand why your Facebook ad account has been disabled. Yet this is a fundamental factor to help you solve the problem. 

You could have a problem with your payment method. Either for a security threat or because you spent more than usual. 

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Yet, the main reason for having your account disabled is that you broke some rules. This is why you should always read the terms and conditions before starting to create your ads. 

Let’s see together some examples of flouted Facebook rules: 

  • Use more than 20% text in your ad;
  • Create an ad that doesn’t match with the landing page it links to;
  • Use words connected to betting or gambling;
  • Use pictures that can portray an “ideal body type”;
  • Access to the account with a proxy IP;
  • Write Facebook with a lower case “f” – and no, it’s not a joke;
  • Use flagged words that are usually used as click baits (e.g. “this” or excessive use of “you” and “your”);
  • Include personal attributes (e.g. race, religion, age) is one of the most common reasons that advertiser’s ads are not approved.  

Another problem can be the frequency of your ads. In fact, when people see the same ad too many times they can hide it or report it, putting your account at risk. 


How to fix the problem with your Facebook disabled account 

Having your Facebook ad account re-instated won’t be easy, but it won’t be impossible either. 

As we already said, it’s important that you get to know the reason why your account has been disabled. 

The first thing you should do is to check your Paypal or Stripe account. 

If the problem is the payment method and you won’t fix it, it could damage future ad accounts too. 

If you haven’t found a solution, is time to get in contact with Facebook

We know that it’s not easy at all, but you can access to the Help Manager and there you can fill the forms. 

There are two sections you can turn to in case of problems with your Facebook account. One is the section Disabled Payments & Ads Manager. The other is the section dedicated to Policy Disabled Ad Accounts. This latter one is the right section if you think that Facebook disabled your account by mistake.

So, the first step is to fill the appeal form. You can only send it once and you will have to wait. A lot. 

The most important thing is to be polite and persistent

You may need to try more than once to get in contact with Facebook asking for help via other social media. 

While you wait and you keep trying to get in contact with Facebook, you can create another account

You can either use another profile connected to the same business page, or you can connect a new profile to the Facebook page if you don’t have one already. In this second case, remember to never rush. In fact, Facebook will block accounts that start setting and running ads quickly. 

You can also use an alternative Facebook page to run promotions about your store. Remember that you can do that only if there is a connection between the brand and the page. Otherwise, you will be facing the same problem again. We remember you that Facebook will ban all those ads and account that link to a non-consistent page. 


Tips to Avoid Getting your Facebook Ad Account disabled 

Even if there is a way to fix your problem with disablement of Facebook accounts, you should try to understand how to avoid this problem at all in future. 

#1 Know the rules 

First things first: you have to read the entire policy related to Facebook ads.  

This is extremely important because it allows you to know what you can do and what you should never do

And you should always keep reading them at least once a month, because they change a lot. 


#2 Test, test, test

Second, you should always test one ad before duplicating the set. Focus on setting up only one ad set and having it approved before proceeding with the others. 

Please ensure your ad copy and creative are not calling people out based off of personal attributes, since this is one of the main reasons why your ads or account would be banned. 


#3 Get back-up administrators 

Adding multiple administrators in your Facebook business page help you have always a back-up. Otherwise it will be more complex to add a new admin to your page after the disablement of your account. 


#4 Set up payment when needed

To avoid your Facebook account disabled you should always have payment information on the account you are using. And remember, it should be active, so don’t set this information unless you are ready to use it


#5 Switch to the Business Manager

One of the smartest choices to avoid problem with your Facebook account disabled is to never use your personal ad account. 

Instead, you should switch to the Business Manager. In fact, when you have your personal account disabled you have to go through a infinite set of steps before fixing the situation. While, if you are using a Business Manager and it get shut down it’s way easier. You will need a new ad account in your business manager, possibly a new page and a new payment method. 


#6 Handle negative feedback

Negative feedback on your account can be harmful for your ads and your account itself. This is why you should prevent this situation to happen by reducing the frequency of your ad. This means that you won’t bombard users with the same ad all over again and they won’t feel the need to report your account. 

Moreover, you should always monitor the comments to your ads so that you can address every negative feedback right away. 


#7 Check the consistency 

Before running your ad check the copy, the creative and the landing page it links to. In this way you will be sure to never flout rules and that you are creating consistency between the ad and the final page. 


#8 Find new traffic sources 

Facebook is banning a lot of business manager accounts and ads. Some of the disablements are due to broken rules, others are due to mistakes. 

If you don’t want to wake up in the morning with your ads all stopped and your store run out of traffic, you should find alternatives. 

Whether it’s Google, YouTube, Snapchat (if you have a young audience) Twitter, etc. you should leverage other traffic sources too.


#9 Give your clients quality and satisfaction 

Refunds can create problems with payment methods that can lead to your ad account disabled. 

This is why giving your customers quality products and reliable shipping is fundamental if you want to keep your Facebook ad account and your business safe. 

Thanks to uDroppy you can say goodbye to all the problems with product sourcing, quality check and shipping times

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Take Away 

Running Facebook ads is never easy. Mostly nowadays, when the social network seems to ban accounts for every reason. 

This is why you should always be careful when creating your ads and selling products

Thanks to a reliable partner like uDroppy you can have all the time to study the policy of Facebook ads, find new traffic sources and create the right marketing strategy to promote your business. 

This is why our motto is: Marketing on you, the rest on us.

Because we take care of every complex and time-consuming operations, while you focus on what matters the most: your activity


It’s time to change the way you are doing business. It’s time to get the best service on the market. 

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