Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot, was fined after admitting guilt to using a dumbbell to break a Jeep windscreen

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Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot
Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot

Today our topic is all about Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot, who was fined after admitting guilt to using a dumbbell to break a Jeep windscreen. Actor Tom Guiry, best known for his role as Scotty Smalls in the 1993 film The Sandlot, was fined $757 by a South Carolina judge after he entered a guilty plea to charges of third-degree assault and battery, public disorderly conduct, and malicious damage resulting from an arrest on June 2, according to court records from Horry County obtained by Entertainment Weekly. Guiry also received credit for the time he spent in custody after his arrest.

The allegations against Guiry are related to an incident in which, according to recordings acquired by local news source WBTW News 13, he is seen slamming a dumbbell into the window of a white Jeep, smashing the windscreen in the process, and then heading to a neighbour’s front door holding a knife.

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More About Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot

Tom Guiry, star of The Sandlot, was detained after he seemed to use a dumbbell to damage a car.

The victims testified in court on Monday that they made three 911 calls the day of the events during “about two hours of chaos and yelling and screaming,” according to the site.

One of the victims said in court that the actor had shown up at her front door brandishing a knife before following her inside while holding it, at which time her husband confronted Guiry. According to a WBTW News 13 story, Guiry was in the middle of the street asking about his wife’s safety when police arrived to deal with the commotion. Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot admits his guilt.

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According to the police record that the source was able to get, the neighbour who owned the Jeep said to Guiry, “Really my window’s been shattered.” “That sucks, man, I’ll pay you back, I’m sorry, I’m gonna get you back,” Guiry is said to have said. According to reports, he also acknowledged the deed, adding, “I did it. I apologise, dude. I’m sorry, brother; I’m coming back for you. I’ll reimburse you. This is all about Tom Guiry star of The Sandlot, was fined after admitting guilt, for more we will update this later.

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