Governor Sindh IT Courses Registration

Online application form and registration for Governor Sindh com’s IT free courses in 2024. In Karachi, Governor Sindh Kamran Khan Tessori announced the launch of a website for registering for information technology courses.

How to Apply: Governorsindh com

By visiting, interested individuals can register for Web 3, Metaverse, and Artificial Intelligence courses.


In a screening exam, 50000 young people were selected for these cutting-edge courses. Also present were IT professionals Sir Zia Khan, Danyal Nagori, and Muzammil Azhar.

After completing these courses, youth can earn up to Rs1.5 million per month, according to Governor Sindh. Depending on the level of expertise and skills acquired, the amount would vary.

Approximately 5 lac people will be asked to take a screening exam, from which 50,000 people will be chosen for the program’s initial stages.


Soon, informational banners will be placed throughout the city regarding the courses. In exchange for attending lessons or taking tests, he promised to provide meals.

During Governor Sindh’s term, the governor’s mansion doors were kept from being opened as promised. During Ramadan, the doors were opened to the public.

Almost 93% of them arrived for the first time in this old structure.

According to Governor Sindh, monitoring his initiatives will now be up to the people and the media as they are intended to benefit the general public.

The Governor’s House and the Sindh Government are not funding this IT project.

 The project is being carried out with the help of Saylani, JDC, charitable donors, and his funds. He praised Zia Khan for sharing his skills and knowledge without charge.

Sir Zia Khan praised Governor Sindh’s efforts. This significant initiative was chosen for him, and he expressed his gratitude for the opportunity.

Young people will be selected for IT courses solely based on their merit, and their development will be continuously monitored.

Both Muzammil Azahr and Danyal Nagori thoroughly discussed the proposal.

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