Want to Build an E-Commerce Empire? 

We are the Perfect Partner

Want to build an E-Commerce Empire? We are the Perfect Partner

uDroppy is a success platform that takes care of sourcing, fulfilment and shipping, so you can focus on what you really love: marketing.

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Marketing on you, the rest on us.

We believe in changing the status quo, by simplifying the way digital entrepreneurs run their operations.

Our clients happen to have the highest ROI. Wanna try?

Dropshipping is not dead. It is a perfect business model and with uDroppy it can be scalable, profitable and simple!

uDroppy was designed from the ground up as a true B2B platform, made to automate all the operations of an e-commerce business.  Our one click fulfilment, worldwide parcel tracking and invoicing features will allow you to manage and scale your business like a pro, and focus on what you love to do the most: Marketing!

Offering your clients customized packaging and branded products? With uDroppy you can! 

Want to take your business to the next level by offering your clients branded products? We are here to help. With a network of more than a thousand trusted suppliers, our own logistics centre and unlimited customisation options, we can handle any request you can think of, faster than any competitor. Ask us to know more!

Looking for a reliable partner able to source and customise any number of products directly from China? We are a perfect match!

If you are representing a business, online or offline, and you are interested in making a bulk order of any complexity and scale, let's get in touch! We have the experience and the tools to handle your orders with ease, and ship them anywhere in the world. We can even design a product for you from scratch: the sky is the limit!

Having troubles running the campaigns? Want to increase your margins while being in control of your business? We've got you covered.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you know the industry is changing, and its ever more challenging to stay ahead of the competition. Do not worry, we are here to help you. uDroppy was founded by and for the best in the affiliate industry, and with us you can run your own campaigns, selling your own products and building your brand while multiplying your ROI! 

Trying to crush the competition by offering unique products while minimizing your costs? Our partners are already killing it, what are you waiting for?

It is fundamental to have a reliable and skilled supplier, providing high quality products with custom packaging and branding solutions, tailored to your own needs. The combination of our experience in custom software solutions and deep knowledge of sourcing and logistics makes us a perfect partner for you, no matter how ambitious your goals are.

Always looking for the next fidget spinner for your partners to promote? Or just looking to automate your business while reducing the costs?

Direct advertisers love to work with uDroppy because we are fast, effective and trustworthy. You can work with us to test new offers, using our dropshipping model and our platform, or just place bulk orders! Furthermore, we can take care of your warehouse and allow you to ship products worldwide without the hassle to set up legal entities and partnerships wherever you want to sell!

What we offer

Discover why the best in the game choose uDroppy and join the hundreds of incredible success stories. It is free!

One-Click Fulfilment

Fulfil all your customers' orders in just one click. Our Shopify app integrates with all your stores and helps you manage them with ease.

On-Demand Products

We work with more than 1500 factories. Request your product with a few clicks and we will source it for you in no time, at the best price!

Personal E-Com Manager

You will get assigned to your own personal e-com manager who will help you build your store, and scale up your e-com business!

White Label

Scaling your business and need branded products? Don't worry, we can customise them, so that you can take your store to the next level!

Fast Worldwide Shipping

We deliver worldwide, wherever your customers are. We take care of the shipping and provide you with a tracking number.

Bulk Order Option

You can place bulk orders and get lower unit costs, while we manage the logistics, hosting your products in our warehouses around the world.

Virtual Funds

Simplify your workflow by using credits to pay for orders. Just deposit your funds once and forget about filling the forms.

Virtual Warehouse

Offer your clients the fastest shipping possible, while keeping track of the products in stock, all within our platform!

Automatic Invoicing

We generate an invoice every time you pay an order. You can easily track your cash flow while simplifying your operations.


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Automate your business in four simple steps:

Create your free account

The registration process is as simple as filling a form. The platform is plug & play. You just have to integrate our app to your Shopify store in a few clicks.

Import or request any products you want

You can either integrate existing products or ask for new ones. In just three clicks, these products will be pushed to your store. Ask your personal e-com manager for trending products and other valuable tips and insights.

Promote and make sales

Now it is your turn! Focus on the thing you can do best: grow your customer base, try various marketing strategies while we take care of the sourcing, shipping and fulfilment.

Fulfil and manage your orders

Now you are making hundreds of sales per day. How time wasting would it be to manually fulfill each of them (even using bots)? With uDroppy you are done in just a few clicks! Check your most important stats from your dashboard and keep scaling!

Want to know more about running all your e-commerce operations with uDroppy? Check out our full tutorial below