Agriculture Farming Jobs With Visa Sponsorship July 2024 in Canada

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Agriculture Farming Jobs With Visa Sponsorship in Canada
Agriculture Farming Jobs With Visa Sponsorship in Canada

Everyone wants to go to Canada for different purposes like studying, working, visiting, etc. If you are of those applicants who want to work in Canada then the post is for you. In Canada, several numbers of Agriculture Farming Jobs with Visa Sponsorship available in 2024. International applicants who want to work in the Agriculture field must apply for visa sponsorship jobs.

You need a work visa permit to work in Canada but don’t worry it’s free with these jobs. Applicants must have some basic knowledge of farming. In Canada, farming jobs range from entry-level positions to highly skilled roles that require specialized training and education. You can see full details below. You can also check Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs 2024.

Details of Agriculture Farming Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024

Host CountryCanada
Visa TypeSponsorship Visa
Eligible ForInternational Applicants
Job TypeFarming Jobs

Common Farming Jobs in Canada

  • Farm laborers,
  • Tractor operators,
  • Crop supervisors,
  • Livestock handlers

Other Job Roles:

  • Fruit Pickers,
  • Laborers,
  • Agriculture technical staff,
  • Farm Managers,
  • Farm equipment operators,

The above-mentioned positions require individuals to work long hours. Sometimes in inclement weather, and involves a lot of physical labor.

Responsibilities of Farming Jobs in Canada

If you want to work in Canada in the Agriculture field there are several responsibilities including (Harvesting, Vegetable scrapping, Purchasing supplies, Making a report daily, Loading and delivering, Vegetables and fruit picking, Examining the quality of produce, Watering crops, Product packing, and Managing livestock).

Agriculture Farming Jobs Benefits

Applicants will get various benefits including:

  • Accommodation
  • Free Parking
  • Financial Benefits bonus
  • Utility bills subsidy
  • Health insurance
  • Work Visa Sponsorship
  • Permanent residency after three years.

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In-Demand Jobs in Canada in Agriculture Farming Sectors

General Farm Worker Jobs

It is an important part of the Agriculture industry in Canada. In the General Farm Worker Jobs applicants should be able to work on a farm to cultivate crops or raise livestock. The Average salary is $15/hour.

Agriculture Engineer jobs

In Canada, there are several work areas in which Agriculture Engineers typically work. These areas are soil and water conservation, irrigation systems, agricultural machinery, and sustainable agriculture practices. All these professionals work closely with farmers, scientists, and other agricultural professionals.

Farm Manager Jobs

As a farmer manager, you will perform several tasks like supervising employees, purchasing equipment and supplies, managing the farm’s finances, and developing and implementing a crop or livestock production plan. Applicant will get an average salary of $20/hour.

Vegetable and Fruit Picker Jobs.

It is another job in Canada and a vital part of the agriculture industry. Applicants must be able to stand for long periods, bend, and lift heavy baskets of produce. The job of a vegetable and fruit picker includes harvesting crops like apples, cherries, strawberries, blueberries, and other products, depending on the season. Applicants can get an average salary of $20/hour.

Farming Labor Jobs

In the Farming Labor Jobs, you will perform several tasks like planting, cultivating, harvesting crops, and taking care of livestock.

How To Apply?

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