Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs 2024

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Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs 2024
Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs 2024

Apply for the visa sponsorship jobs in the Netherlands in 2024. Netherlands leading the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) creates job opportunities for international workers seeking employment. In the Netherlands, there are shortage of skilled professionals, so it is an ideal chance for foreigners to immigrate and work in the European country. You will see all the details about the Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs 2024 for Foreigners in this post.

Details of Netherlands VISA Sponsorship Jobs 2024

Host CountryNetherlands
Job TypeVisa Sponsorship Jobs
Eligible ForInternational Applicants

Netherlands Authorized Companies:

There are several companies which are authorized by the Dutch Government. These companies can hire foreign workers on work visas. Below i provide a list of authorized companies.

Skill Shortage Professions in 2024:

As i say above there are a lot of positions available in various industries in the Netherlands due to skill shortage. Below i provide the various industries/sectors with their shortage professions.

ICT Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Software Engineer

Healthcare Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Nurse/midwife, Doctor, IEHPS

Engineering Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Engineers, Architects

Education Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Teachers, Researchers

Construction Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Construction Worker, Electrician, Plumber, Welder

Agriculture Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Farmworker, Greenhouse Jobs

Tourism and Hospitality Sector

  • Shortage Professions: Hotel Manager, Chef

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What Is An Average Salary of Foreign Workers in the Netherlands:

I know you are seeking how much you can earn as a foreign worker. The average salary of a foreign worker approximately €38,500 per year (€3,208.33/month) before taxes. The tax system of the income tax is progressive. You can see the tax rates below:

  • Up to €73,031 Taxable income: 36.93%
  • Up to €73,031 Taxable income: 49.50%

However, foreign workers living in the Netherlands also contribute a rate of 37.10% to social security.

Note: This figure that I mentioned above can vary based on various factors like occupation, experience, and location.

What Is The Living Cost in the Netherlands?

As you can see all the average monthly expenses (mentioned below) in the Netherlands. It typically rages between €1,350 to €2,220/month. The average living monthly costs in the Netherlands is as follows:

  • Rent of a 1-bedroom apartment is: €700 – 1,200
  • Food cost is: €100 – 150
  • Entertainment cost: €50 – 100
  • Grocery Shopping: €200 – 300
  • Public Transportation / Bike Maintenance: €50 – 100
  • Phone and Internet Bills: €50 – 70
  • Utilities expenses like (Electricity, Water, Garbage, Heating, Cooling): €100 – 150
  • Other Expenses (Personal Care, Clothing, etc.): €100 – 150

How To Apply?

You need to visit the official Dutch Government Website. On this site you can access all the updated skill shortages occupations list.

Use some popular job board website to browse and apply for a job. Job Boards website includes:





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