Hayley Erbert Is Rejoining Husband Derek Hough – Complete Details

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Hayley Erbert Is Rejoining Husband Derek Hough - Complete Details
Hayley Erbert Is Rejoining Husband Derek Hough - Complete Details

Hayley Erbert’s Rejoining Husband Derek Hough is today our topic. After an emergency craniectomy, Hayley Erbert is making a comeback to the dance floor after four months away. The 29-year-old professional dancer said on Friday that she will be traveling with her husband Derek Hough again on their Symphony of Dance tour, which is scheduled to commence in Melbourne, Florida on April 14. “I am just so excited to get back out and dance again after having something so traumatic happen,” Erbert stated to PEOPLE.

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“Dance has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and so I’m just really excited to get out there and do what I love and also to see the people that have supported me throughout this entire healing journey,” she stated.

Hough said that although he is “grateful” for Erbert’s quick recovery, they are still careful to take things slowly. “We’ve had extensive conversations and tests and results from different doctors,” Hough stated. “Every kind of doctor that you can think about from our original surgeon who did the surgeries to new people in our lives and they are very supportive.”

“She’s all clear and we’re all just amazed by her and can’t wait to go out there and put on a great show,” he stated.

Following the couple’s tour stop in Washington, D.C., Erbert was taken to the hospital in December 2023 and diagnosed with a cerebral hematoma due to a burst blood vessel after experiencing disorientation. After a successful cranioplasty procedure to replace a part of her skull, Erbert is now recovering.

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In February, she gave a health update, stating that she now had a “new outlook on life.” “To this day, I still have really good days and I have really bad days — emotionally and physically sometimes — but I’m doing so much better every single day,” Erbert stated. “Truly there is so much progress every day, and I’m so grateful for that.”

The rescheduled dates were also announced in February by Hough, who had previously postponed tour dates following his wife’s surgery. However, it was not yet apparent if Erbert would be joining him. This is all about Hayley Erbert’s Rejoining Husband Derek Hough.

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