Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues City of Los Angeles-Complete Updates

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Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues City of Los Angeles-Complete Updates
Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues City of Los Angeles-Complete Updates

Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues is today our topic so read it carefully and enjoy it. In light of dropped pedophile allegations resulting from an arrest in 2022, Joseph Gatt, who portrayed the Thenn warg in season 4 of  Game of Thrones, is suing the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department, and L.A. District Attorney George Gascón, among other parties, for $40 million.

Gatt alleges in the lawsuit, which Entertainment Weekly was able to receive, that the defendants “publicly branded him as a serial pedophile,” ruining his reputation and career in the process. In addition, Gatt claims that Angela Brunson, the deputy district attorney, harbored “personal bias and animosity” toward him. More about Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues is discussed below.

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More About Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues 

In a statement given to Udroppy, Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP partner Dean Z. Pamphilis said, “The arrest and charges against Mr. Gatt — for which he was branded by the Los Angeles DA and LAPD as a serial pedophile — were based on fabricated evidence.”

Gatt was taken into custody in 2022 on suspicion of communicating online with a juvenile in a different state in a explicit manner. The lawsuit asserts that a cameo Gatt taped for a 16-year-old fan’s birthday led to the interaction with the kid. The Washington state resident was said to have contacted Gatt on Instagram a few times in the ensuing months, and each time Gatt “responded in a manner that was wholly appropriate and consistent with typical celebrity-fan exchanges.”

Gatt never really met the teenage admirer, according to the lawsuit, and the defendants didn’t “interview or even remotely assess for credibility” until over a year after Gatt was arrested.

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“Twenty months later, when the fabricated evidence was finally disclosed to Mr. Gatt and Mr. Gatt’s forensic experts were prepared to expose the truth in open court, the Los Angeles DA voluntarily dismissed the criminal complaint,” the statement went on to say. But Mr. Gatt had already lost his reputation, his acting profession, and his neighborhood. We are eager to win Mr. Gatt’s significant losses in court.” This is all about the Game of Thrones Actor Joseph Gatt Sues.

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