Italy Digital Nomad Visa 2024

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Italy Digital Nomad Visa
Italy Digital Nomad Visa

Have you ever imagined that the money you make working from home as a freelancer YouTuber or remote worker might eventually allow you to travel to Italy? Now is the ideal moment to apply for a 2024 Italy Digital Nomad Visa.

In April 2024 Italy introduced the Digital Nomad Visa program. With the help of this visa independent contractors and remote workers who can operate from any location can lawfully reside and work in Italy.

Non-Europeans are eligible for the Italian Digital Nomad Visa, which does not require a job offer from an Italian firm. The candidate must make around €2,700 a month, or €32,400 a year.

Required Documents

  • a valid passport
  • Evidence of freelancing contracts or employment
  • Evidence of income over the required minimum
  • All-inclusive health insurance that is good throughout your visit
  • Evidence of lodging in Italy
  • a certificate of no criminal history
  • Proof of application cost for a visa, in passport-size photos.

Eligibility Criteria For Digital Nomad Visa

  • Application for the Italy Digital Nomad Visa is limited to non-Europeans.
  • competent individuals with either: A remote employment contract with an organization outside of Italy.
  • freelance deals involving customers from outside of Italy.
  • Evidence of remote Work and freelancing.
  • evidence that, before applying, you worked remotely for at least six months.
  • Minimum wage Minimum monthly income of €2,700, or €32,400 per year, is required.

How to Apply

If you fulfil all of the prerequisites the application procedure is straightforward The instructions are listed below.

  • In your native country, you must apply for a visa at the Italian Embassy or Consulate. Here is a list of every Italian embassy. Italian embassies in some nations handle visa applications through authorized third parties; they do not accept direct applications.
  • Make an appointment in person and send the paperwork below.
  • Fill out the application for a visa.
  • Cover the cost of your visa application.
  • Await the outcome.

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