How to Apply for Study Visa in Canada 2024

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How to Apply for Study Visa in Canada
How to Apply for Study Visa in Canada

This page contains expert advice to assist you if you are applying to study in Canada or applying for a Canada Study Visa.

A few months ago, the Times Higher Education produced a list of the world’s most outstanding universities, which featured roughly 30 Canadian institutions. Obtaining a student visa in Canada has grown more difficult than it used to be as the country has become a more competitive study destination. This page contains all of the information you need to obtain a Canadian student visa on your first attempt.

After learning that it was unlawful in Canada for anyone to have an objectionable odor, which might result in a two-year prison sentence…funny! I recently discovered an incredible site with amusing but informative facts about Canadians.

Yonge Street in Toronto Canada is the world’s longest street, stretching 1,896 kilometres (1,178 miles) from Toronto to just north of Lark Simcoe. Add to it the fact that Canada has one of the world’s most educated populations. Did you realize that?

More than half of the population has completed a postsecondary education. In addition, 99% of the population is literate. Isn’t it good?

These circumstances influenced my decision to pursue a second degree. Unbeknownst to me, I fell in love with Canada for an odd reason. I didn’t take long to apply for a visa, thinking that my love for this exotic country would be enough. Unfortunately, I was turned down. I had to go back to the drawing board to make up for all of my blunders.

Let’s start here…


A Canada Study Visa application package can be obtained either from the CIC website or by contacting your local visa office or the Canadian embassy or consulate. You’ll need to answer a few questions in order to receive your application package questions about yourself on the CIC website. Please include the following information in your application package:

A DLI’s Acceptance Proof

A letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution (DLI) is required. This means that you must first get a standardized acceptance letter from a recognized higher education organization. To study in Quebec, students must first receive a certificate of acceptance, or CAQ, from the Quebec government.

A passport that is valid

As proof of identity, you must provide two passport-sized pictures and your international passport. Everyone accompanying the family must also show valid identification, including current passport-size pictures, their names, and dates of birth.

Funds Proof

Proof of financial support, which requires you to show that you can sustain yourself and all family members (if applicable) while in Canada. This includes your bank account information with a Canadian bank, your bank account information for the last four months, and verification of student loan information collected from a financial institution.

Purpose Statement

An explanation of why you are requesting a study permit, even if you do not require one. With a study permit, you can work part-time on campus as a full-time student. If you want to continue studying in Canada, you can renew your permission while you are there. You are not required to leave Canada to renew your permit.

Medical Examination for Immigration

If you intend to relocate to Canada, you may be required to undergo a medical examination. We must confirm that you are not ineligible due to medical reasons. If you want to stay for less than six months, you do not require a medical checkup unless you plan to work in specified industries.

For additional information, you may want to consult a more comprehensive Canadian Visa Application Guide.

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Furthermore, note that;

  • Additionally, you may need to obtain a temporary resident visa or an electoral travel authorization (ETA) to enter the country as a student.
  • The official website of Citizen and Immigration Canada ( CIC ) allows you to submit your application online or offline.  All the necessary documents need to be carried to Canada, along with a letter of introduction.

Study Visa Fees for Canada

  • In order to prove your financial support in Canada, you must prove that you have sufficient funds for yourself and your family.
  • It costs 150 Canadian dollars to apply for a study permit in Canada.
  • For a single student, you would need a minimum of $10,000 (plus tuition fees for a 12-month period outside of Quebec, and $11,000 plus tuition for the same period in Quebec).
  • Each additional family member will increase this amount.

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