Greece Digital Nomad Visa July 2024

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Greece Digital Nomad Visa
Greece Digital Nomad Visa

All non-European Nationals apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa 2024 to live and work in Greece. If you get this visa you do not need any job offer from a Greek employer. Almost 1,693 Greece digital nomad visas were granted. This visa is valid for 1 year and you can renew it after the expiry. You can also get benefits to travel to other Schengen Countries of Europe. The complete details step by step are given below.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa
Greece Digital Nomad Visa

Details of Greece Digital Nomad Visa 2024

Host CountryGreece
Visa TypeGreece Digital Nomad Visa
Who are EligibleNon-European Nationals

The Greek Digital Nomad Visa is also known as the Greek Nomadic Visa. If you get the Greek Nomadic Visa you can work remotely for a registered company outside of Greece or work for any Greek employer. On the other hand, you are also working as a self-employer in Greece.

Are you thinking about remote workers? Let me confirm to you what is remote working.

Remote workers are those people who can work from home, no matter where they are in the world. some examples of remote workers such as Working remotely for a Company, Freelancer, Blogger, Travel Bloggers, YouTubers, Freelance Writers, Developers etc.

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What is the Nomad Visa Cost?

The application fee for the digital nomad visa is €75 and the administration fee is €150.

Requirements for Greece Digital Nomad Visa

You need to fulfill the following requirements to qualify for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa.

  • Only non-EU citizens can apply.
  • A digital nomad proof is required.
  • According to the October details, applicants must earn a minimum €3,500 income per month.
  • If you come to Greece with your spouse and one dependent then your minimum monthly income must be €4,830 per month.
  • Applicant must have a valid contract if he works remotely for a company.

How to Apply?

If you are interested in the Greece Digital Nomad visa you must set an appointment with the Greek consulate here. You can also get the latest information by contacting the Greece Embassy in your country.

Submit your visa application and attend an interview. After that wait for the response.Don’t Forget: To attach the following documents with your application (A valid passport, Application form, cover letter, Proof of employment as a remote worker, income proof, A clean criminal record, Accommodation proof in Greece, Health insurance proof, return flight ticket, and A medical certificate).

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