Apocalyptic Arcadian trailer-Nicolas Cage battles

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Apocalyptic Arcadian trailer-Nicolas Cage battles

Today, our topic is the  Apocalyptic Arcadian trailer, so read and enjoy the article. In the first trailer for the post-apocalyptic drama Auroran, which EW exclusively accesses, Nicolas Cage plays a father of two living in a dystopian society.

Arcadian, which has a setting akin to A Quiet Place, is set shortly when most forms of life on Earth have vanished. Cage plays Paul, who lives in a world where enigmatic creatures emerge at night to unleash havoc on the few surviving people, together with his kids Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins) and Joseph (Jaeden Martell). One day before dusk, Paul leaves to find Thomas after he doesn’t come home, leading to what the synopsis refers to as a “nightmarish battle” for survival. More information about the Apocalyptic Arcadian trailer is given below.

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More About Apocalyptic Arcadian trailer

The spooky teaser suggests that the animals’ arrival is connected to climate change; however, it’s unclear what led society to crumble. In a voiceover, Cage’s Paul states, “There are those who believe they came after the pollution people caused and they’re here to cleanse the planet of the human race; so we’ll all become extinct.”

Paul tells his sons that staying alert is essential at the supper table. However, youthful love can obscure judgment, even in a post-apocalyptic setting. After a few scenes of one of the boys meeting up with Sadie Soverall, another female survivor, in the verdant, open fields, the family is assaulted by the unidentified monsters at their farmhouse at dusk.

Cage reunites with Benjamin Brewer, the director of The Trust, through Arcadian. The thriller will have its international premiere on March 11 at SXSW and go on sale in theaters on April 12.


Brewer, who co-directed The Trust with brother Alex, said in a director’s statement, “What drew me to the project was the brothers at the center of the story and their close bond.” That’s something to which I can connect. The concept of presenting the coming-of-age tale in a Mad Max-esque dystopian setting gave these well-known themes of growing up a sinister fairytale feel, and I was thrilled to collaborate with Nicolas Cage once more. This is all about the Apocalyptic Arcadian trailer.

Cage’s more recent roles include comedic parts in Dream Scenario and The Retirement Plan, as well as a role in the horror film Renfield opposite the lead portrayed by Nicholas Hoult as Dracula.

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