An American Saga Trailer-Kevin Costner’s Son Hayes

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An American Saga Trailer-Kevin Costner's Son Hayes

An American Saga Trailer is todays our topic, so read it carefully and enjoy it. Kevin Costner is preparing a new picture, which he will be directing with his son, twenty years after his last feature. Monday saw the release of the first trailer for Horizon: An American Saga, which features scenes from the next Western epic featuring the 15-year-old son of the director of Dances With Wolves, Hayes Costner, making his on-screen debut.

As their house is being attacked in the teaser, Hayes’ character disobeys his mother’s (Sienna Miller) wishes. The young man responds, “It’s okay,” as his mother implores him to hide with her in the basement from the intruders. A fire roars behind him as he says, “I’m going to be with Dad,” closing the cellar door. More about the An American Saga Trailer is given below.

 More About An American Saga Trailer

The 69-year-old Costner emphasized that he and his son share a significant role in the movie. “In the film, Hayes portrays the character that bears my name. The screenplay has been around for longer than he is, and he is 13 years old,” the actor and director told PEOPLE. He even made a joke about casting his son so he could spend more time with him. “I kind of did it on purpose so that he could be hanging out with me,” he explained. Like every other parent, I’m attempting to comprehend what this wonderful thing is. I should bring you along.

Avatar star Sam Worthington (often referred to as “Dances With Wolves in Space”), Danny Huston, Giovanni Ribisi, Luke Wilson, and Michael Rooker are among the other actors featured in the teaser. The teaser features some of the most iconic shots, including ladies cowering underground and breathing through a shotgun barrel, horse-drawn carts racing over the prairie, and Costner firing a handgun into a tent full of attackers.

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Horizon: An American Saga is Costner’s fourth feature film to be directed, following Dances With Wolves (1990), The Postman (1997), and Open Range (2003). Though the last six episodes of the popular series Yellowstone will air in November following Horizon’s premiere, the film is also Costner’s first undertaking since leaving the show after five seasons.

Costner conceived the project as four feature-length episodes that told a single, uninterrupted plot. The first chapter opens in theatres on June 28, and the second on August 16. View the most recent trailer above. This is all about the An American Saga Trailer.

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