Snapchat Streak Lost? How To Get Streak Back (Solved)

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Recover Snapchat Streak Without Paying

Is your Snapchat Streak suddenly gone, even when you try to create one with your friends? Things happen, and we know how to recover a lost Snapstreak.

When you’re going to lose a streak, Snapchat usually offers you an hourglass emoji notice, but what if you don’t get any and it just disappears?

If you’ve lost your Snapchat Streak, there’s only one way to recover it. However, you must act as soon as you detect it is before the 24-hour mark.

This article will teach you how to reclaim your Snapchat streak. You will be able to contact Snapchat to describe the problem.

What To Know About Snapchat Streak

Before you learn how to reclaim your Snap streak and continue sending and receiving snaps for the streak.

You should be aware of a few facts to better understand why you may have lost your Snapchat streak.

Snapstreak is only available for you and your friends if you always send a snap to each other within 24 hours.

If you wait longer than 24 hours, you will lose your Snapstreak. It’s also worth noting that Chat does not add to your Snapchat streak.
Furthermore, sending Snaps from the Memories area does not contribute to your Snapstreak.

If you lost your Snapstreak while sending and receiving snaps with your friends inside the 24-hour period, you can get it back. If not, there is nothing you can do.

How To Get A Streak Back On Snapchat

If you wish to recover a lost Snapchat streak, you must contact Snapchat Support. This is exclusively for folks who have the problem inside the 24-hour period.

This is the only method to accomplish so, and if your Snapstreak natural simply vanishes after the 24-hour limit, Snapchat Support will be unable to assist you.

Open Snapchat > Tap on your Bitmoji in the upper left corner > Settings [gear icon] > Scroll down to Support > Select I Need Help > Contact Us > Select I Lost My Snapstreak > Fill out the form and submit it.

Step 1: Open Snapchat.

Launch the Snapchat app on your smartphone. Then, in the top left corner of your screen, tap on your Bitmoji.

Step 2: Select Settings.

press on Settings [gear icon] in the upper right corner of your profile page, then scroll down to the Support Section and press on I Need Help.

Step 3: Select Contact Us.

When you tap the I Need Help button in the Snapchat Settings, you’ll be directed to a new page where you can contact us.

Then, on the next page, pick I lost my Snapstreak. To solve the problem, tap on the circular box.

Step 4: Completed the Form

When you select the reason for contacting Snapchat Support, a form will appear for you to complete.

You will be asked for your username, email, cellphone number, device, a friend’s username, and any additional information necessary to investigate the problem.

If you see the hourglass icon, you will be questioned. If you witnessed it, your Snapstreak may have ended. If you didn’t, they might be able to assist you. As a result, answer “No.”

Make careful to inform your friend of the situation so that you have a better chance of recovering the Snapstreak. After you’ve completed the form, use the Send button.

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