Tonya Harding Nervous – I Tonya Margot Robbie

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Tonya Harding Nervous - I Tonya Margot Robbie
Tonya Harding Nervous - I Tonya Margot Robbie

Tonya Harding Nervous—I Tonya Margot Robbie is today’s topic, so read it carefully. Since its September premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the Tonya Margot Robbie Harding biopic I, Tonya has generated a lot of discussion and buzz. As we approach award season, the film is a hit and has earned three Golden Globe nominations, including Best Actress for Robbie and Best Musical or Comedy.

Harding herself has become a fan of the movie as well. Robbie and Harding co-star on the cover of the most recent issue of The Hollywood Reporter, where the figure skater talks candidly about her initial hesitation to participate in the film and why she’s happy she did. More about Tonya Harding Nervous—I Tonya Margot Robbie is given below.

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Why Tonya Harding Nervous – I Tonya Margot Robbie

Harding told THR, “I wasn’t going to do it, but I was grateful that [I, Tonya screenwriter Steven Rogers] came to us first.” I thought, ‘I want to avoid going through this again. I have my son now, and I’ve been through enough. My boss, Michael Rosenberg, persuaded me to do this, perhaps to provide closure. I was so nervous about watching it, but when I saw it, I wasn’t watching a movie about me. While observing Margot, I suddenly thought, “Oh my god.” That’s about me.'”

The movie chronicles Harding’s journey from an impoverished childhood with an abusive mother (portrayed by Allison Janney) to being well-known for her skating accomplishments and, ultimately, her downfall due to her connection to the infamous 1994 attack on Nancy Kerrigan. Before shooting started, Robbie met with Harding to play the controversial skater.

“Oh my God, she’s so beautiful,” was my first thought upon seeing her. God, I am so grateful! Harding chuckled as he spoke. And because I’ve had so much disrespect, I didn’t anticipate [Robbie] being so gracious and open with me. I would never want my worst enemy to experience anything that I did.

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Even though Harding has a young boy and works as a deck builder and gardener these days, she still skates “every week.”

Harding remarked, “We have a rink about 50 minutes from my house.” It gives me a sense of life. I would skate for a lot longer if I didn’t have discomfort most of the time. However, I’m going to resume performing my triples. As soon as I land one, I’ll realize that’s how it feels. This is all about Tonya Harding Nervous.

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