The Listener Trailer-Tessa Thompson

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The Listener Trailer-Tessa Thompson

The Listener Trailer is today our topic, so read it carefully and enjoy it. Although his performances in Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and Reserve Dogs are his most well-known credits, Steve Buscemi has had a successful career in front of the camera as well. The 66-year-old director has directed numerous episodes of popular TV series, including The Sopranos, Oz, and 30 Rock, in addition to films like 1996’s Trees Lounge, 2005’s Lonesome Jim, and 2007’s Interview. Now, Buscemi is directing actress Tessa Thompson in the small-scale new drama The Listener, taking up the director’s chair once more.

The movie’s first trailer, which features Thompson as Beth, the crisis hotline operator, is exclusively available to EW readers. The whole film is set throughout one night in Beth’s house when she answers calls late at night from various unsettling voices. Although only Thompson makes an on-screen appearance, the movie has a stellar ensemble of supporting actors, including Rebecca Hall, Alia Shawkat, Margaret Cho, Derek Cecil, Blu Del Barrio, Jamie Hector, and Logan Marshall-Green. More About The Listener Trailer is briefly discussed below.

More About The Listener Trailer

In The Listener Trailer, Thompson tells EW that she leaped at the chance to work with Buscemi and that she was captivated by the personal story by Alessandro Camon, which follows Beth as she converses with and listens to innumerable callers, never knowing if this is the night she will lose someone. Each caller has a unique tale, yet their shared sensation of loneliness unites them all. Thompson expresses her fascination with the film’s exploration of this “very human thing that I think we all experience.”

“I consider the purpose of stories a lot. Why do we tell the stories that we tell?” Thompson explains. “In a time of such division and discord, I believe that a story that encourages listeners to become more engaged in the conversation is a really beneficial topic to discuss.”

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During a short break from filming Westworld season 4, Thompson finished the shoot in six days. Thompson plays the role of the character’s dog, and her dog, Coltrane, costars alongside her as the only other human actor to appear on screen. In the original script, Beth was supposed to have a cat. Thompson recalls an early Zoom conference where she and Buscemi looked at photos of potential cat performers. Buscemi realized he had struck gold when Coltrane unexpectedly entered the frame while they were looking through cat pictures and settled onto the couch behind Thompson.

Thompson continues, “I was worried about how her dog would perform on a hectic movie set, but Coltrane was an absolute pro.” (It also helped that Thompson’s younger brother was a production assistant on The Listener; he became the de facto dog handler on set because he and Coltrane were already friendly.) Coltrane’s big-screen debut was such a hit; the actress laughs that he’s now a “no dog,” and she’s already setting him up for future auditions.

She deadpans, “He was very inspired by the dog in Anatomy of a Fall and his award-season run.” Thus, he may experience a little bit more of this in the future.

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With the exception of Coltrane, Thompson worked alone for the duration of the filming, although she still enjoyed having phone sessions with her fellow performers. Some, such as Shawkat, arrived to set and sat in a different room while conversing with Thompson on the phone. Others, like Hall, who oversaw Thompson in 2021’s Passing, practiced electronically while they were abroad. But whether her costars were local or not, Thompson commends Buscemi for designing a set that is so accommodating to actors.

“I believe that the most courageous and optimal work environments are those based on trust, where individuals feel comfortable taking chances and making mistakes,” says Thompson. “I’ve noticed that Steve has a remarkable level of clarity when he thinks. He is skilled at establishing a genuine sense of safety that gives you the confidence to take the idea and run with it. On March 29, The Listener makes its day-and-date premiere. This is all about the The Listener Trailer.

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