Jenifer Lewis Recalls Learning How To Walk Again-Complete Details

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Jenifer Lewis Recalls Learning How To Walk Again-Complete Details
Jenifer Lewis Recalls Learning How To Walk Again-Complete Details

Today’s topic is Jenifer Lewis Recalls Learning How To Walk Again, so read it carefully and enjoy the article. Following a near-fatal tragedy in Africa two years ago, Jenifer Lewis was determined to turn her life around, but her road to recovery has not been easy.

Friday, the Black-ish and Princess and the Frog actress revealed in an emotional appearance on Tamron Hall’s daytime talk program that she had to relearn how to walk after falling from a 10-foot balcony while on a trip to the Serengeti.

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More About Jenifer Lewis Recalls Learning How To Walk Again

“I couldn’t recall how to walk when they ordered me to walk in the parallel bars in Nairobi. Lewis recounted, “I couldn’t remember what to do; I couldn’t remember how to put one foot in.” “‘Ma’am, ma’am, you have to walk here now,’ he said. Come stroll around here. I thought, ‘How can I do that?'”

“I sat down in the wheelchair, and I sobbed,” she continued. I said to myself, “You’ll get up.” Either you get up, or I’ll kill you myself. Now, stand up. Stand up. You rise and start to move. Hurry up, sweetheart. I strolled.”

In an interview with Robin Roberts last month, Lewis related the terrifying event for the first time. She revealed that she fell into a dry valley with jagged rocks and boulders and that there was a lion nearby.

“In the Serengeti, there are no lamps after sundown. It’s completely dark,” Lewis said to Roberts. “I wasn’t given a tour; instead, I was shown to my room at the lodge. I ought to have been given a tour. After arranging my safari attire, I looked at my deck’s infinity pool. I was focusing on returning to the Serengeti and moving when, without warning, I fell ten feet.”

She was “in shock,” Lewis said, stating that “my shoulder went up against a stone and my right hip took the impact.” This is where a lightning bolt struck my mind. I was plummeting into the dark without realizing it. Nothing was going to move. As I lay there, I urged Jenny to move her body, saying, “Come on, baby, move your body.” I then gave my pal Lori a call.

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Lewis heard a lion roar after her friend left the site to seek assistance. “Because I’m Jenifer Lewis, my last thought was, what a headline,” she laughed. “The queen at the king. Parts of Jenifer Lewis’s body returning to the United States via air travel.”

In another section of her discussion with Hall, Lewis complimented her surgeon and his team in Nairobi. An overcompensated Lewis remarked, “Ten hours he worked on me.” “Three exchanges of blood. And his wife entered the ICU and surgery and prayed for me.”

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