Arnold Vosloo Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Achievements

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Arnold Vosloo Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Achievements
Arnold Vosloo Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, Achievements

Arnold Vosloo Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, and Achievements are today’s topics, so read it completely and enjoy it. On June 16, 1962, in Pretoria, South Africa, the stage actor’s parents welcomed Arnold Vosloo into the world. He has one sibling and is an Afrikaner with a German and Dutch background. Following his military service and high school graduation, Vosloo studied acting at Technikon Pretoria. 

Arnold Vosloo Net Worth

Actor Arnold Vosloo, who hails from South Africa, Arnold Vosloo Net Worth is $2 million. Renowned actor Arnold Vosloo is best known for his parts in movies like “The Mummy,” “Hard Target,” and “Darkman II and III.” Moreover, he gained notoriety for his portrayal of terrorist Habib Marwan in the fourth season of the TV show “24.” Vosloo appeared in the Netflix series “Ludik” and has recurring appearances on several other television shows, including “Chuck,” “NCIS,” “Bones,” and “Bosch.” This is all about the Arnold Vosloo’s Net Worth.

Arnold Vosloo Video Games

Vosloo contributed his voice and likeness to the first-person shooter video game Boiling Point: Road to Hell in 2005. He played Saul Myers, the protagonist of the game. Later, Vosloo provided the voice of Damon Zakarov in the third-person shooter Stranglehold, a 2007 release that followed John Woo’s action-packed 1992 picture Hard Boiled.

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Arnold Vosloo’s Personal Life

In 1988, Vosloo married Nancy Mulford, an actress, for the first time. The pair collaborated on the motion pictures “Skeleton Coast” and “Act of Piracy.” They got a divorce in 1991. In 1998, Vosloo wed Sylvia Ahí, a director of marketing.

Arnold Vosloo Career Beginnings on Stage

Vosloo started his acting career on stage, following in his parents’ footsteps. He performed in South African stagings of plays, including Hamlet, Don Juan, and Torch Song Trilogy and was recognized with several Dalro Awards.

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Arnold Vosloo Film Career

After discussing Arnold Vosloo Net Worth and Personal Life, now read about his film career. Vosloo arrived on the big screen for the first time in 1984 as the lead actor in the South African military parody “Boetie Gaan Border Toe.” After that, he appeared in the 1985 West German drama “Morenga” in a supporting capacity. The following year, Vosloo returned to the lead in the follow-up movie “Boetie Op Manoeuvres.” He starred in four films in 1987: the science-fiction fantasy “Gor,” the post-apocalyptic science-fiction action movie “Steel Dawn,” the drama adaptation “Saturday Night at the Palace,” and the war movie “Skeleton Coast.” With parts in “Act of Piracy,” “Reason to Die,” “The Revenger,” and “Circles in a Forest,” Vosloo concluded the decade.

He starred in two early 1990s motion pictures: John Woo’s “Hard Target” and Ridley Scott’s epic historical drama “1492: Conquest of Paradise.” In the superhero direct-to-video sequels “Darkman II: The Return of Durant” and “Darkman III: Die Darkman Die,” Vosloo played the title role opposite Liam Neeson, who had starred in the original movie. Following that, he starred in the science fiction picture “Progeny” and the family adventure movie “Zeus and Roxanne.”

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One of Vosloo’s most iconic roles came in 1999 when he played the evil ancient Egyptian high priest Imhotep in the hugely popular action-adventure movie “The Mummy.” In 2001, he played the same part in the follow-up “The Mummy Returns.” Next up for Vosloo was an action role in the 2002 direct-to-video picture “Con Express.” The next year, he starred in the films Endangered Species and Agent Cody Banks. Returning to South Africa in 2004, Vosloo starred in the post-apartheid drama “Forgiveness.” In 2006, he portrayed Colonel Coetzee in the action thriller “Blood Diamond.” 

Following that, Vosloo was involved in the films “Living & Dying” and “Odysseus and the Isle of the Mists.” In 2009, he portrayed the antagonist Zartan in “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” a part he subsequently returned to in the 2013 follow-up “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.” In the interim, Vosloo provided the voice of Superman in “All-Star Superman” and Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, two animated direct-to-video superhero movies. His other noteworthy roles have been in “The Harrowing,” “Odd Thomas,” “Silverton Siege,” and “Condor’s Nest.”

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Arnold Vosloo Television Career

After discussing Arnold Vosloo Net Worth, Personal Life, and film career, now read about his television career. In 1983, Vosloo made his television debut in the South African miniseries “Meisie van Suidwes.” In 1988, he made a comeback to the small screen with the US television movie “Killer Instinct.” Vosloo had appearances as a guest star on television series in the 1990s, including “Red Shoe Diaries,” “American Gothic,” “Nash Bridges,” and “Strange World.” 2003 saw him land his first major role on American television as Vincent Siminou in the short-lived ABC series “Veritas: The Quest.” Later, Vosloo made appearances in the television movie “Meltdown” and an episode of “Alias.” In 2005, he portrayed terrorist Habib Marwan in the fourth season of the Fox television series “24.” The following time Vosloo was seen was in a 2007 episode of the CBS show “Shark”.

The next year, he appeared in the Sci-Fi Channel movie Fire & Ice: The Dragon Chronicles. As the decade came to an end, Vosloo had brief recurring parts on “Chuck” and “NCIS.”

Vosloo made appearances in episodes of “Psych,” “Bones,” “Elementary,” and “Crisis” in the early 2010s. Additionally, he provided voice acting for a segment in the animated superhero series “Young Justice.” With a part in the 2016 South African-German miniseries “Cape Town,” which was based on Deon Meyer’s book “Dead Before Dying,” Vosloo paid homage to his homeland. The third season of the American police procedural series “Bosch” featured him in a recurring role as detective Rudy Tafero.

In the second season of the political action thriller series “Jack Ryan” in 2019, Vosloo played a recurring role as an arms trafficker from South Africa. A few years later, he portrayed the title role in the first Afrikaans series to be aired on Netflix, “Ludik,” on the streaming site. This is all about Arnold Vosloo Net Worth, Personal Life, Career, and Achievements.

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