Malta Seasonal Work Visa 2024

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Malta Seasonal Work Visa
Malta Seasonal Work Visa

Are you looking to go to Malta for work? But before that, you need to know about the Malta work visa process. Anyone from outside the EU/EEA is eligible for the Malta seasonal work visa in 2024. The summer is the peak season for the seasonal workers.

Millions of tourists come to Malta for visits because of its popularity. Malta has started the Nomad residency, and startup residency programs to attract more foreign workers. Today, we’ll step by step guide you through the Malta Seasonal Work Visa 2024.

As we know Malta is a member of the EU, that’s why you can get the Permanent Card after three years. The process of moving to Malta is very simple. In this post, we’ll give you all the necessary details about the Malta seasonal work visa application process, requirements, duration of stay, visa cost, etc. Also See; List of Scholarships in Malta Without IELTS

Malta Seasonal Work Visa
Malta Seasonal Work Visa

Detail of Seasonal Work Visa Process in Malta

Job LocationMalta, Europe
Visa TypeType D (National Long Stay Visa
Who can ApplyOutside of the EU/EEA
Visa Success Ratio78% According to 2022 Applications

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What Permit Required for a Malta Seasonal Work Visa?

A single work permit is required in case you stay above 90 days in Malta. You can also apply for a seasonal work visa as a worker. The Maltese employer who offered you the job can also submit your application.

Note: After applying for a Malta Permit, you will need to apply for a Malta National Long Stay Visa. This is only for those who intend to stay in Malta for more than 90 days.

Cost & Duration of the Malta Seasonal Work Visa

The cost of a single work permit is €280.50 and the cost of the National Long Stay (D) Visa is €100.

The duration of the stay on a seasonal work visa in Malta is only 9 months in any twelve months. After 9 months the applicant’s visa will expire and the nationals of the third country come back to their homeland.

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Requirements of Seasonal Work Visa in Malta

Applicants need to fulfill the following requirements for the seasonal work visa.

  • The Maltese employer must offer you a job in Malta.
  • The place where you work.
  • The work type and the duration of the employment.
  • Accommodation proof will be provided by the Maltese employer.
  • Applicants need a binding job offer or legal employment contract from the company if they want to work as a seasonal workers in Malta.
  • The employer of the applicant must apply for the work permit on your behalf.
  • Before traveling to Malta you need to apply for a visa.

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The Process of The Seasonal Work Visa in Malta

First, you need to get a job from the Maltese Employer. When you get a job offer then apply online for the Single Work Permit. The online link is given below.

After that pay your application fee. If your work permit has been approved, go to the Malta embassy and book an appointment.

Now you have to pay the application fee for the Malta National Visa and submit your documents. After the visa approval, you can go to Malta for work.

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